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Bank Details

Account Name: Bulemezi Youth Integrated Development Initiative

Account Number: 0049245001

Address: Diamond Trust Bank , Old Kampala Branch


BYIDI’S principle objective to accountability is based on the basis of service above self.

There is commitment to empowering communities through service delivery.

Transparency is a guiding norm to organization operations.

There is a structure designed to get feedback from communities we serve through sharing ideas , complaints forms on services received and sharing discussion with all partners we come across with in fulfilling our objectives of action.

There is a system of operational reporting based on quarterly and annual basis to reflect on our activities and we have a disclosure mechanism on finances and activity operations.

Christian values are a basis to reflect on in our day to day operations.

BYIDI upholds a whistle blower mechanism to report on unethical conduct and behavior to be used by staff , partners in the field , communities and well wishers of the organization.

BYIDI will subscribe to the INGO Charter that is the International NGO Charter of accountability.


BYIDI is upholds integrity when carrying out its work by using the best practices to analyse, truck , discuss and improve organization service delivery.