BYIDI has a policy of partnership building and working with different stake holders so as to offer an all-round effective community empowerment program. Here we have built several partnerships ranging from institutional to individual community philanthropists. We work with all entities that share our passion to help communities flourish.

These include individuals, institutions, governments, corporations, faith communities, international charities and more. We work towards the highest levels of best practice and accountability in all that we do.

Government is a principal partner in the work we do that works through several institutions like ministries and regulation bodies. Here we have made entered (MOUs) Memorandum of Understanding with key ministries in our line of work like there is a MOU with Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) whose main objective is to supplement and support each other’s work in the communities.

Non-Government Organizations
Byidi works with several charity organizations that are both local and international. There are several NGOs network forums that Byidi subscribes to and participates in its quarterly meetings. We work with small grass root organizations to big international organizations. There are several NGOs across the globe that Byidi is reaching out to for social community networks in supplementing community efforts.

Some of these organizations are;

  • Building Tomorrow Uganda
  • Uganda Children Centre
  • Chain Foundation
  • UYDEL to mention but a few.

Think tanks and Academic Institutions
Byidi has long-standing partnerships with think tanks and academic institutions that have a diverse knowledge and expertise in several disciplines.
Collaboration with these specialist partners offers a unique platform for Byidi to learn and apply the latest research to real-life community situations and development challenges. Byidi’s strong presence in the field and connection to several researchers carrying out community surveys has laid a foundation rich of up to date data found in different geographical locations.
Organizations involved in health, education, relief, environment, nutrition, logistics, and agricultural development, bring their unique know-how to support programs of empowering communities. Many of these partnerships are geographically based, focused on research specific to a particular region. Research results form a basis for advocacy, facilitate evidence-based policy making and guide
programming in areas of community intervention.

Over 10% of Byidi’s partnerships are with academia and think tanks that are both institutional and individual levels in that we encourage young individual researchers most especially fresh graduates from higher institutions of learning. The organizations we collaborate with include Makerere university, Ndeje University, Kampala University

Private Sector
We have good partnerships with corporations that are in the private sector both local corporations and international corporations that look towards giving back to the community through corporate social responsibility. These help to build social content with the under privileged communities.
Byidi has built a big partnership with TRS UK Ltd who are based in UK that have a passion of working in Africa and across the globe.

Together with each partner, we develop a strategic partnership that creates synergy between our interests and goals, exchanging valuable expertise to generate impact in empowering communities.
Byidi looks out to work with global leaders in almost every industry to create a shared value of mobilizing resources and human expertise towards several causes like health, education to mention but a few that helps to supplement efforts of reaching out to people at the grassroots that are in dire need of community support. This provides us with a defined road map to track and evaluate the progress of our combined efforts.

Institutional Donors and Philanthropic Foundations
We are proud to partner with the world’s largest institutional donors, each of whom has strict criteria for best practice and accountability.
There are a couple of charity foundations that support humanitarian causes in different geographical locations for different programs that range from health, education, agriculture, environment. Logistics and relief aid.

Here, Byidi has had partnerships with Diocesan ministries one of which is Namirembe Diocese that have working partners at international level working with grass root organizations that have immediate connections with individual homesteads.
We enjoy the Samaritan Purse International support through Operation Christmas child a Uganda sister organization that has enabled year in and out to give Christmas gift boxes to the underprivileged children. This has left a lasting impression in empowering young children and has motivated them to share the love of Christianity.

Individual Philanthropists
Byidi has many individuals across the globe that love the work we do and have the good heart of reaching out to the less privileged communities. These contribute their resources both in kind, financial and knowledge to enrich the capacity of reaching out to a big population. There are individual philanthropists in Uganda, United Kingdom, Canada and USA that are playing a major role to see the growth of Byidi as a community organization. In these we have Canada friends of Byidi and UK Friends of Byidi.

Health Institutions
We work with health care givers that are committed to developing and maintaining targeted community based, integrated health and human service delivery systems which increase the well being of individuals, families and communities across the globe. This is done through advocacy, awareness and action based activities.
We work closely with a range of partners including the Ministry of Health, Health facilities like national referral hospitals, Village health teams, communities and civil society.
We are to join hands with health consortiums that are playing a vital role in the prevention of diseases that are mushrooming in different parts of the country and the globe at large.