Bulemezi Youth Integrated Development Initiative was founded in 2012 whose principle objectives are to mobilize the youths to engage in social-economic development activities and provide interventions and education about positive utilization of the environment and ways of conserving it while sourcing locally available resources in their environment to start up development projects.

Byidi stakeholder meeting

Byidi management team had a strategic planning meeting with the stake holders of Arivu Sub County planning for community health approaches and feedback from the community.

These are some of the ongoing stakeholders meetings in Byidi operation areas to consolidate work in the West Nile region.


Improved quality of life for the youth through engaging them in profitable development activities.


Contact Person: Paul Muleme

 byidiuganda@gmail.com, info@byidi.org

 +256 700 307318

 P.O.Box 30966 , Plot 2 , Old Kampala, Fort Road


Empowering communities and reaching out to vulnerable groups for sustainable development.


To identify marginalized youths to engage in mobilizing and sourcing locally available resources and start up development projects tailored to their needs such as brick making, carpentary and many others.

To run a volunteer programme for youths who have just completed higher institutions of learning education to be integrated into community development programmes.

To extend and integrate information communication Technology (ICT) approaches in village/rural development and awareness programmes.

To promote reproductive health and morals among the youth.

To provide counseling services to the youth especially the teenage mothers, those infected with HIV/AIDS and provide psychosocial support.

Carry out capacity building among the existing youth groups to support the development of the community.

To form strategic local, national and international networks with communities, businesses donors and government to foster sustainable environmentally friendly development.