Christmas gifts to children

Nakaseke District on Gift Day of 16/01/2018

Stationery materials as Christmas gifts to children in Nakaseke District

Byidi in partnership with TRS UK Ltd, steered by the TRS Uganda country representative, and in collaboration with the Nakaseke Hospital Administrator, and the respective BYIDI community mobilisers in the representative villages of Nakaseke Town council and Kasagga Parish, we were able to identify the most disadvantaged children who had attended the Children’s event in December 2017.

These convened at different points and we were able to hand out books and pencils as gifts to them, before the start of the school year 2018.

We registered 373 children and each got an average of 4,5, to 6 books and a pencil depending on age group and class one was attending at school (these children came from both Nakaseke Town Council area and Kasagga parish).

A few boys and girls aged 6 to 7 years received white shorts which were donated by one of the well-wishers of BYIDI. This gift giving event was graced by Mr. Walusimbi Baker the In-county TRS representative. At the end we were requested to give a brief to parents who were attending a health and community development training at the Kasagga COU primary school hall. These echoed their appreciation for the support rendered by TRS and BYIDI towards the advancement of their children’s education with the scholastic materials that were given to their children and pledged to further their working relationship with TRS in future.

We were able to hand over a few books to the Kasagga Church of Uganda Primary School which hosted the gift giving activity at their school, these were handed over to the Head teacher who thanked the team for this consideration.

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