Research ongoing in Gitta

Research is an ongoing activity in seeking to acquire information and knowledge on state of affairs of our communities that we are to support.

A base line survey was carried out in Gitta Wakiso District whose main objective was to assess access to social services in the communities

We have reached out to several homesteads in these communities that will lay ground for Byidi’s intervention methods in reference to the assessment of need.

Research and base line surveys are a continuing activity for our work as they enrich information flow to understand the community concerns and lay a line of action.

We are currently carrying out baseline surveys in West Nile most especially in Arivu Sub County that has six parishes and fourty eight villages with an estimated population of 24,000 people

Byidi has a research policy that is responsive towards community participation involved in research and is discharged in accordance with the highest ethical standards that among other things promote awareness and understanding of the basic core principles of research.

All Research activities reflect the Vision, Mission and embed the Values of Byidi.

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