BYIDI is running a school health partnership programme for schools to be able to improve the quality of adolescent health to create a healthy and better Uganda.

There was an interactive health talk with students of Kampala Secondary School located in Kampala central division along Mwanga II road.

The talk focused on areas of sanitation and personal hygiene, sexual reproductive health among adolescents and drug abuse in schools.

Several questions were raised from students to mention but a few,

  1. What causes fistula?
  2. During pregnancy does a girl or female student experience abdominal muscle pains?
  3. Girls experiencing menstruation problems where do they go?
  4. Boys experiencing wet dreams what do they do?
  5. We have been told that people using drugs are able to remain alert, can read for longer hours and are high performers in class, is it true?

Administration was appreciated of the talk and asked Byidi to organize talks as their students have many unmet needs and questions.

DATE: 24th/06/16

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