Be A Volunteer

We need you.

Who can apply the program?

BYIDI mobilizes staff and enlists a number of volunteers to provide community empowerment through mobilization, training in relief services as emergency aid workers, working as village health teams VHTs in rural areas and School Club volunteers. We often engage the young people from institutions and out of school youth to equip them with the necessary skills in reaching out to their immediate communities. Volunteers are already working in Nakaseke district in Kasagga parish with over seven villages as health mobilizers among the local population, Ms Margaret Namusoke is the head of these VHTs.

Do you want to become a volunteer?

  • BYIDI as an organisation is interested in getting volunteers to work in different programmes that are geared towards improving the lives of people and most especially the vulnerable groups. Voluntarism is one of our core values.

Steps on how to apply.


Visit our web site and look at what we do and the programmes we offer and in what areas

If you find any programme/s you have interest in then make a volunteer profile that will fit that area.

Step 2:

Contact us and make inquiries on what you would like to know and request for an opportunity to volunteer.

Step 3:

Wait for the organisation to respond to your request and send you a Volunteering request then forward your profile / CV to the organisation for assessment. It’s based on this that the organisation will take you on as a volunteer.

Benefits of being a Volunteer with us

  • Volunteering with us will give you the opportunity to acquire skills in managing community work and give you the platform to empower the people you interact with.
  • It gives you an opportunity to share skills and knowledge with other Humanitarian professionals in- country and over the globe who are dedicated to serving humanity.
  • It gives young people the opportunity to meet people from differing cultures and also create an avenue for gaining employment in one of the most interesting social fields
  • A step towards job placement
  • Enable young people meet people from all over the world through a volunteer exchange programme.
  • It makes fulfillment to serve communities as a way of giving back to society .